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S.T.E.P. Coalition/Getting Ahead Program​

S.T.E.P. (Support Through Empowerment an​​d Partnerships)


W​ays to Help
  • Provide and serve a meal prior to one (or more) of the 18 Getting Ahead classes, on Mondays and Wednesdays in the spring and fall (dates TBD). (The time commitment is approximately 4:30-6:00.) 
  • Provide childcare (need 2 providers each time) – Mondays and Wednesdays during the 9 week course, from 5:30-8:00. (Sometimes providers share the job, one doing Mondays, the other doing Wednesdays.) A $25 gift card is offered for each day worked.
  • Volunteer to become an ally (intentional friend for a grad) – a 12-18 month commitment. More info on website.
  • Donate $25 gift cards (Meijer/ Kroger) to our program – to be given to the students.
  • Pray for our program​​
Information abo​​ut the S.T.E.P. Coalition/ Getting Ahead program

​​The S.T.E.P. (Support Through Empowerment and Partnerships) program was conceived by a diverse group of community leaders in Delaware County and modeled after a successful, on-going program called Marion Matters in a neighboring county. Based on Bridges out of Poverty/Getting Ahead program (a training model used nationwide) the individual participants in S.T.E.P. together with the Delaware judicial system, community agencies, and partnering organizations learn about the root causes of generational poverty and move towards social change.

The coalition has come together to offer a three-pronged effort:
  1. Twice a year, in the spring and fall, a Bridges Out of Poverty training is offered, in a two-day workshop. This class gives middle-class community members insight and understanding of those who live in poverty. It is helpful for anyone who serves/interacts with folks living in poverty/ at risk. Please see the attachment for the flyer advertising the most current training.
  2. In the spring and the fall, a Getting Ahead program is offered. (Getting Ahead is a 9 week financial independence class for hard-working, low-income persons to create a plan for not only how they will get their family out of poverty, but also what they can do to help reduce poverty in the community.) To date, seven sessions have been offered, with 48 individuals graduating. Our ninth class will begin in the spring of 2018. The Spring 2018 Getting Ahead application is attached.
Upon completion of the classes, each grad is connected to an ally (intentional friend) who supports and encourages the grad along his/her journey.

Monthly Stepping Up meetings offer a chance for all grads and allies to reconnect for a dinner and a useful program/ speaker that shares information about various community resources. (During the past year, our monthly speakers have included Ohio Means Jobs, Helpline, Community Action Organization, and Habitat for Humanity, and have addressed the subject of Affordable Housing, a concern brought forward by our 5th graduating class.)

​Please contact Bonnie Ristau or Nancy Miller if you have any questions.

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