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Bill's Boots

Bill’s Boots is a group that meets once a month to hike our Delaware County parks.  It is open to all ages and hiking ability.  Each hike will begin at 4:00PM spring and summer or 3:00PM fall and winter.  We hike regardless of the weather, rain or shine, hot or cold.  Meet at the park. So, turn off the TV, get up off the couch and join us for some fun, exercise and fellowship.  Our next hike is …..

Folks of all ages enjoying a hike in the snow

Bill’s Boots Hiking Schedule 2018
  • January 14 (3PM) - Delaware State Park (trailhead at sledding hill, near Marina)
  • February 18 (3PM) – Deer Haven (PP)
  • March 18 (3PM) – Char Mar (PP)              
  • April 15 (4PM) – Highbanks Metro Park (nature center parking lot)
  • May 20 (4PM) – Blues Creek (PP)
  • June 17 (4PM) – Hogback Ridge (PP)                                                                                                      
  • July 15 (4PM) – Emily Traphagen (PP)                                                                                    
  • August 19 (4PM) – Deer Haven (PP)                                                                                                       
  • September 16 (4PM) – Char Mar (PP)                                                                                                    
  • October 14 (3PM) – Alum Creek Dam (Lewis Center Rd parking lot)                                         
  • November 18 (3PM) – Blues Creek (PP)                                                                                               
  • December 16 (3PM) – Gallant Woods (PP) (visit Gallant Farm after)
PP = Preservation Parks of Delaware County. See this website for locations:

Alum Creek is walk along top of dam from west parking lot off Lewis Center Rd to Africa Rd and back

Jack Hilborn
Archie Ristau