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Prayers and Squares​​

Three commandments for giving a prayer quilt set down by the Prayers and Square International Organization.
  1. Prayer is the focus. The quilt is just the tangible expression of prayer.
  2. The person receiving the quilt must be willing to accept it. We do not force people to accept a prayer quilt. A family member or the recipient of the quilt may request it. A family member may be asked if the person receiving the quilt will accept it but ultimately it is the recipient’s wish to receive or not.
  3. There is no charge for the prayer quilt to the recipient or the family. It is a gift. If they want to donate to the Congregation Caring Fund designating Prayer Quilts, they can but we do not expect or ask for anything.
Prayer quilts are given to persons, who are experiencing any type of situation where they want prayer, i.e. health problem, emotional situation, etc. We meet twice a month on Sunday night to work on quilts at church during the school year in a room set up for our use. Persons can work on them at home if they so desire.

When a quilt is requested to be tied for a person, a label is sewn to the back with the recipients name and date it was tied. We display the quilt on Sunday morning and take pictures of it for a book with the history of all quilts made that include pieces of the fabric used in the quilt and any thank you notes received. Quilts given are tied during the service. Any time during the singing of a hymn, during the offertory or after the service the congregation is invited to come forward, say a prayer for the recipient of the quilt and tie a knot. After all the knots have been tied, the quilt is delivered to the recipient. It depends on the timing whether the pastor, a designate or a family member delivers the quilt. Most times we give the quilt to the pastor to deliver but if a family member is at the service, we have given the quilt to them.

There are a number of other projects on the Prayers and Squares website that can be done by churches to celebrate events in the life of the church family; i.e. baptism, confirmation. We have started to make prayer quilts and tying them on the day a child is baptized and presenting it to the family.

Individual prayer squares are available in the Narthex for anyone to take one.

For more information about Prayers and Squares, the website is​.

Kathie Burkman